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      设计研究 / 工业设计 / 样机制作



      为时尚前卫的“潮趣先锋派” 设计的电动助力滑板,他们敢为人先、引流潮流、自我表达。通过开发符合全新品牌调性的精品,刷新“高端智能电动”形象,产生市场影响力,收集潜客,提升品牌数字资产,助力新产品销售。 打造有价值点的、自带流量的、与众不同的,且具备变现能力的电动滑板精品 。The electric power skateboard designed for the fashionable avant-garde "trendy and interesting avant-garde" dare to be the first, lead the trend and express themselves. Through the development of high-quality products in line with the new brand tonality, refresh the image of "high-end intelligent electric", generate market influence, collect potential customers, enhance brand digital assets, and help new product sales. Create a valuable, own flow, different, and have the ability to cash the electric skateboard boutique.

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